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          Anti-Spam Policy

          Canadian Pharmacy operates a strict anti-spam policy. We do not tolerate unsolicited advertising messages. We will actively pursue anyone engaging in spamming activities! This includes email, icq, instant messengers, chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups or anywhere else where commercial postings are prohibited. We will take appropriate actions against spammers that will result in loss of services and accounts closure.

          We are fully committed to dealing with spammers. Canadian Pharmacy maintains and holds data on spam offenders which we share with anti-spamming organizations and agencies.

          Report Spam / Unsubscribe

          If you have received unsolicited advertising material which you believe was either sent by a user of Canadian Pharmacy services or as a result of using our services, please let us know.

          Please type your email address below and we will take measures and start investigation in order to unsubscribe you from unwanted spam messages.

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